Friday, January 4, 2013


So for those who don't know, I run a makeup blog called which is a sister site to my Youtube channel also run under the moniker of LetzMakeup.
I regularly produce & upload makeup related videos from makeup tutorials in step-by-step format, as well as more in-depth makeup lessons. I also post makeup 'Tips & Tricks' videos, makeup organisation and loads more!
Some of my more popular videos are my Halloween videos which range from super simple to slightly more advanced special effects makeup.
You can see all my Halloween makeups to date by clicking ------->>>> here

Click the image to view the tutorial

Above is an example of one of my 'LetzMakeup' makeup looks, which was from my 2012 New Years Eve Party Makeup Video. "Merry Kitchmas! Christmas/New Years Makeup Tutorial."
Today I bypassed the 10,000,000 view mark on my channel which I am so proud of after nearly 4 years hard work and dedication, and 385 uploaded videos!
I am so excited about taking my channel and blog forward in 2013 and look forward to achieving my next 10,000,000 views!!
I'd love for ye all to check it out ^_^
Chat soon,