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Skin Preparation Tips for Brides;

Skin Preparation Tips for Brides;

Getting your skin in tip-top shape for your big day is super important, not only for how you are going to look, but also for your confidence and so too for how you feel on the day!
The photographs taken, on what hopefully will be one of the happiest days of your life, will be with you for years after and you want to look your best from the inside-out so you can look at the pictures 50 years from now and still feel chuffed about how beautiful you looked on the day!

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your skin on the run-up to your wedding day....

Start drinking your 2 ltrs of water a day! The earlier you start the better for your skin.
Drinking a lot of water is great for flushing out toxins etc and so great for clearing up the skin, but sipping water slowly also, at points throughout the day, will allow the cells to retain the water and 'plump' out and hydrate the skin.
Also in regards to diet, eating your water (and by this I mean eating foods with a high water content) will allow your cells to retain this water also for a longer period. 
Try and cut down on salt heavy foods.

If you do not already use an eye cream, this is the perfect time to start! Also, serums are brilliant for plumping out and hydrating the skin so look into trying one of these out. Avoid harsh ingredients but if in doubt, visit your dermatologist a few months before the wedding to find out what really suits your skin and will benefit you.
For people who suffer from acne and are confused about what you can use to help clear your skin as much as possible, visit your dermatologist if you have not already. Use oil-free skincare products but keep the skin hydrated to avoid surface dehydration which can make you look dry and lined when you should not! AHA's & BHA's are fantastic ingredients (chemical exfoliants) for resurfacing the skin but be careful on sensitive skin and as I mentioned before, allow at least 2 months to a month before the wedding day incase of a reaction. Ingredients to look for are lactic acid and salicylic acid for exfoliating. You will need to wear a sunscreen on your skin if using these types of products, but they are worth it for giving you a clear, smooth skin surface!

If getting any facial treatments done on the run up to the wedding, such as micro-dermabrasion or peels etc, allow 2-3 weeks between the last treatment and your wedding day AT LEAST to allow the skin to fully heal and also allow sufficient time incase your skin has a reaction.
For regular more gentle facials, allow at least a week to 2 weeks as facials can bring out toxins etc resulting in a 'breakout' period before the skin settles.

Don't use any new skincare products within the 2 weeks running up to the wedding incase you react to any of the ingredients, especially if you are sensitive. If testing new products, do this about a month before so as you have sufficient recovery time if you do have a negative reaction.

If receiving any facial hair-removal treatments, like lip-waxing / threading, peach-fuzz removal etc give your face at least a week to allow for the possibility of rashes developing after, and also, makeup will not adhere to a hair-less face, it needs some hair for foundation etc to stick to!!
For eyebrow shaping you can do this up to maybe 3-4 days before the wedding (so as there won't be much re-growth, even on very dark hair) BUT if this is your first time doing this, allow the week to let your skin recover!

Always get a trial run done with your fake-tan as this has the possibility to go very wrong and will be very obvious on camera.  Try avoid instant tan as this can sweat off and stain your dress.  If you are getting a fake tan applied for the wedding, only go at most 2 to 3 shades darker than your natural colour to avoid looking too 'fake' and get this applied 2 days before the wedding, NOT the day/night before and definitely not on the morning!!

On the morning of the wedding….

Wash and cleanse your skin as usual and use whatever moisturizer suits your skin. Do this before your breakfast to allow the products to soak into the skin.
Don't forget to apply moisturizer onto your neck as well!

Do not try any new products on the morning if you are very sensitive just incase of a reaction.
Eat a healthy breakfast that is preferably high in protein & low in salt. Salt is very dehydrating on both the body and the skin.

Use Sunblock if your wedding day is happening on a very bright/sunny day and if most of the photographs will be taken outside in natural light. If it's a darker/dull day or your photographs will be taken inside with camera flash, use a low SPF ( >20) or avoid the sun block all together as this can cause flash-back on camera and give you the dreaded 'white face, darker body' look.

Here is a video I filmed about a year ago on my LetzMakeup Channel covering most of the points above!!

Hope ye find this helpful!!

Take Care,

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