Sunday, April 17, 2016

New Bridal Set.

I know I am so bad at updating my portfolio here and on my Facebook etc but I am trying to get better at chasing up photographs from brides and photographers I've worked with in the past.
One of those lovely brides Louise just sent me on her full photo set which came out absolutely gorgeous.
Her wedding was held in the Meyrick Hotel, Eyre Square, Galway City in January and her photographer was Michael Dillon who has such an amazing eye for beautiful shots.

Check out more of the photos from that set here in my Bridal makeup tab.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Natural Bride, Full Face Makeup Lesson (Video)

It's that time of year again where a lot of brides-to-be really begin the investigation process (after many getting engaged over the Christmas period) and an important part of that process of course is the makeup! When I was working with MAC particularly, I often found that a lot of girls who favour the no-makeup or natural makeup look were nervous about booking the makeup, especially as MAC artists have a reputation for doing full-on makeup looks, but as a makeup artist it is beyond essential to be able to cater for every taste and style of makeup, including the most natural of makeup looks.
In this video, I have created a very natural, no-makeup makeup look perfect for brides who dislike the feel and look of makeup on their skin. This is also geared towards ladies who tend towards a drier skin type. I will be following up soon with a slightly more dramatic yet classically bridal makeup look and in that video I will tackle an oilier skin type. If you are lucky enough to be normal in the skin department then you can more-or-less use any formulation of products on your skin.


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