Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Natural Bride, Full Face Makeup Lesson (Video)

It's that time of year again where a lot of brides-to-be really begin the investigation process (after many getting engaged over the Christmas period) and an important part of that process of course is the makeup! When I was working with MAC particularly, I often found that a lot of girls who favour the no-makeup or natural makeup look were nervous about booking the makeup, especially as MAC artists have a reputation for doing full-on makeup looks, but as a makeup artist it is beyond essential to be able to cater for every taste and style of makeup, including the most natural of makeup looks.
In this video, I have created a very natural, no-makeup makeup look perfect for brides who dislike the feel and look of makeup on their skin. This is also geared towards ladies who tend towards a drier skin type. I will be following up soon with a slightly more dramatic yet classically bridal makeup look and in that video I will tackle an oilier skin type. If you are lucky enough to be normal in the skin department then you can more-or-less use any formulation of products on your skin.


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